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iTac2 Pole Dance Grip is an all-weather, long lasting grip aid (Wax based cream) you apply to your hands, body and pole to increase grip, repel water, stop sweat and increase your overall performance.

iTac2 Pole Dance Grip works by adding the perfect level of moisture and stick to the skin providing a strong, reliable gripping surface for your hands and/or body – helping you to improve control while conserving energy and repelling sweat and moisture.

iTac2 is suitable for use on many types of poles.

❗️ Please check with your studio if they allow iTac2 to be used in their studio ❗️

❌ Not to be used on brass poles, as it damages the coating. All TPR studios have brass poles, so we do not allow iTac2 to be used ❌

We recommend Regular Strength Grip for static poles and Extra Strength for spinning poles.

iTac2 45g

60,00 лв.Цена
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